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(HB) Baby Building Nutrition Class - Hudson
Tuesday, December 11, 2018
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
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Hudson Hospital & Clinic
405 Stageline Road
Hudson, WI 54016
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Paige Lewis
Phone: (715) 531-6029
Fee: $15.00
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Are you pregnant or thinking about starting a family? A positive pregnancy test can make you suddenly realize everything you eat, drink and do with your body can greatly affect the new life you are carrying. Do you want to make sure you taking all of the right steps to ensure the health of you and your baby? Attend this one hour seminar to learn about nutrition in preparation for conception, healthy nutrition during pregnancy and healthy nutrition for breastfeeding. Handouts and recipes will be provided. Class is led by a Licensed and Registered Dietitian. 

You will learn:
  • Preconception planning, getting yourself in the best nutritional state prior to becoming pregnant        
  • What foods to eat to ensure the best nutritional state of your growing baby and yourself      
  • What foods to avoid that could cause you or your baby harm       
  • Special nutritional concerns during pregnancy
  • Gastrointestinal symptoms that occur during pregnancy and natural solutions (morning sickness, constipation, flatulence etc.)        
  • Healthy weight gain during pregnancy      
  • Being a healthy vegetarian/vegan during pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding nutrition

If you have schedule conflicts on one or more dates or special circumstances, the instructor is willing to work with you. In the event of low enrollment, classes may be combined with other scheduled dates. You will be given as much notice as possible. Please call Paige Lewis at (715) 531-6029.
To inquire about upcoming dates not listed or if you do not receive confirmation that your registration was received, please call (715) 531-6029.

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